Editors: Ioana Radu, Ioana Comat & Stephane Guimont-Marceau

Call for papers

In 2007, Canada, New Zealand and Australia had refused to ratify the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). While they eventually fell in line with the rest of the world, this initial refusal clearly underlined the embryonic character of decolonization in settler states.

While Indigeneity is not a homogeneous concept and practice, it plays an increasingly important role in struggles to protect ancestral lands and achieve social justice at home, a process of “restoring to wholeness a community fragmented by colonization” (Armstrong, 2009). Much of this work takes place away/beside prescriptive state-based processes; sometimes against, sometimes with fellow settler citizens; often in situ, on ancestral territories, but also in towns and cities across the world. However these struggles and alliances evolve, they continue to reframe and recreate rich forms of Indigeneity.

This special issue of the Journal of Urban Anthropology is seeking contributions that explore these gray zones of identity formation and alliance work. We are hoping to also gain a better understanding of these processes from little explored contexts such as Asia and Africa. How are these new forms of Indigeneity conceptualized and deployed? What types of alliance work can make possible decolonization? And what would an Indigenized future look like?

We encourage submissions especially from Indigenous scholars and knowledge holders as well as community groups or institutions. Although we prefer contributions from social anthropology, urban studies, history and medical anthropology, we welcome interdisciplinary perspectives.

Deadlines & Submissions

Abstracts Due (January 4, 2017)

Abstracts should be between 300-500 words and include a title, author name(s), and a 150 word biography of the author(s).

Email your abstracts to: redactie@rev-antropologieurbana.ro

Submissions Due (April 30, 2017)

Articles should be between 7000-9000 words. Details can be found in the Author guidelines section here



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