Dear authors,

Dear future collaborators,

The Journal of Urban Anthropology encourages the publication of scientific articles that have international relevance and that present comparative research, case studies, promoting interdisciplinarity in the field of anthropology.

From the very beginning, we would like to inform you that your proposals for articles, sent for publication in the Journal of Urban Anthropology, honor us, but you must keep in mind that they will be submitted for evaluation in several stages, as follows:

  1. EDITORIAL EVALUATION – for the beginning, the submitted article is read in the editorial office in order to verify the content proposed for publication and whether it meets the editorial quality standards (the paper must be in accordance with the specifics of the journal, technical parameters of the journal, bibliography , citation mode, etc.)
  2. PER REVIEW SYSTEM EVALUATION – the article proposal is sent for evaluation in a scientific peer review system.

The evaluation in the system per review is performed by two people from the scientific / editorial board or by collaborators of the publishing house, of course experts in the subject approached by the authors. Each reviewer will analyze the article proposed for publication independently but taking into account several criteria for assessing scientific quality:

  • Clarity, novelty and quality of the content proposed for publication
  • the original contribution of the article, for the approached subject
  • the scientific objectives must be clearly stated to the reader
  • for the research works are also important the methods used during the research that is the subject of the article
  • the quality of the bibliography is appreciated especially for the theoretical articles
  • the quality of writing and expression, the quality of graphics, tables, images that accompany the article


The result of this peer review evaluation is materialized by:

  • acceptance of the article for publication
  • acceptance of the article with the modifications requested by the references, the author / authors
  • rejection of the proposed article for objective reasons

strictly related to the quality of the content and the motivation of the references

Articles related to a research topic conducted by a dedicated research institute can be accepted for publication with papers prepared by the coordinators of research teams, coordinators of doctoral theses, members of doctoral guidance committees.

For the special issues of the journal, optionally, the scientific council may request in addition to this evaluation system, experts with high experience in the field, the professional opinion on the content of the article or the dossier proposed for publication. The Scientific Council shall take into account the report of these experts whether their proposal seeks to revise the texts or reject the publication in its entirety.

3. ETHICAL EVALUATION – we are concerned with research ethics, so we want to highlight some rules of scientific research ethics, such as: data confidentiality, obtaining the consent of interviewees who clearly accept the publication of the interview in our journal

The manuscript of your article will also be subject to an ethical evaluation with strict reference to: potential conflicts of interest, rights of reproduction of texts, images, especially copyright, as well as suspicion of plagiarism or: mention of authors who have not been involved in the research and elaboration of the article proposed for publication or knowingly omitting others.

4. REVIEW OF TRANSLATIONS – the quality of translations is very important for the readers of our magazine. For this reason, the translation of the articles – regardless of whether the translation is made from Romanian into a foreign language (we accept for publication articles translated into English, French, German) or vice versa, from a foreign language into Romanian – will be read by an experienced translator, collaborator of the publishing house. The revision requirements of the translations suggested by our collaborator will be communicated to the author / authors and will have to be applied.

The refusal of the author (s) to revise the translation may be a reason for rejecting the article proposed for publication.



The Journal of Urban Anthropology is indexed by ISI. For this reason the minimum acceptance score must be above (or at least equal to) 70% of the maximum possible score. Articles listed below this value will be rejected from publication.


You can download the evaluation form from HERE


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